LET ESP WORK FOR YOU! by Patsy Ruth Welding


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Mrs. Welding is a sweet, motherly sort of psychic, and very down to earth even when gazing into her crystal ball. She doesn't take money for her readings and she has a sense of humor. ""I see. . . a double cheeseburger for your lunch! You are starving,"" she counseled an overwrought friend. She began her seances as a little gift dressed in a moth-eaten velvet gown chanting MIMI GAROW DUB to attract chocolates and licorice. Once, Mrs. Welding ESPeed her way to ""a mink stole, a diamond ring and a sports car."" The one essential of success she tells you is belief; doubters ""will be disappointed."" But one of the nicest things about Mrs. Welding is that she doesn't go in for mystification for its own sake. There's a ""how to"" section for everyone in which she talks about developing your powers of observation, paying attention to detail, and learning to trust your dreams and hunches as a way of ""making contact with the subconscious mind."" Not even Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Freud could fault that.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1975
Publisher: Dial