THREE FOR A WEDDING by Patte Wheat Mahan


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This California casual, in which the styling is bright even though the story itself is a harder-reached for joke, concerns Heather Halloran, 22, trying to marry her old (42 years) mother off. She brings home H.W., 41, but falls in love with him herself. And since her credit rating is catching up with her, a long overdue bill, she leaves for Washington. H.W. trails her there, first with postcards, than in person, but stays only long enough for a nuit d'amour before taking off for Santiago on an assignment. He is jailed there, leaving Heather to face another kind of confinement. She delivers the baby just as H.W. comes back even though three others have offered themselves in loco parentis..... Flip, flyaway fluff, with youthful reflexes.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1965
Publisher: McKay