SHOESTRING by Paul Abelman


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Based on the BBC-TV series,"" this 1979 novel seems to be pieced together from a number of separate episodes--as fledgling shamus Eddie Shoestring jauntily narrates his minor triumphs as a self-styled, Chandleresque private eye. . . in Bristol. First Eddie fills us in on his offbeat past: he was an obsessed computer technician till he suffered a nervous breakdown and chose shamusing as a second career, a totally non-lucrative career at first. Then, thanks to long-suffering landlady/girlfriend Erica, Eddie gets hired by the local radio station to look into the apparent overdose-suicide of a runaway/prostitute (possible scandal involving a top d.j.)--and he manages to uncover her fairly plausible suicide motive. Next, there's a brief stint on the radio for Eddie--as a chatty on-the-air solver of listener-submitted mysteries. And finally there's a less diverting case involving burglary, possible murder, and a missing witness. Some engaging streetwise/British comedy--not too heavy on the dialect, unlike most such imports--but a minor, spotty diversion at best.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1983
Publisher: Parkwest (400 Central Park West, New York, NY 10025)