BROUGHT TO COVER by Paul Annixter


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15 Outdoor Tales of Action and Adventure"" which have had an earlier appearance in such magazines Liberty, Coll, The Cosmpol. Esquire, and other magazines. Untamed in their backgrounds which vary from the bayou to the jungle, untraeled by sentiment, these stories tell of a gibbon's grateful return to captivity in the circus after an escape in the woods which brought only terror; of an albino possum's fight against a oon to save his family; of a champion hunting dog's proud death; of an old devil of a parrot who is subdued by an army of crows; of a black lpard, a Bengali tiger; a lobo wolf, a swordfish, a etch dog, an Alaskan bull moose, an Indian wild pig, etc., etc. A full bag of sporting selections, this holds an appeal for boys as well as men.

Publisher: A. A. Wyn