SWIFTWATER by Paul Annixter


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Originally reported for September publication as follows:- ""An uncomplicated, honest, unharnessed and quite beautiful novel about the Canadian hunting grounds -- its forests, its people and especially its geese -- that will undoubtedly remind some of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Restrained and simple in structure, it follows the goings-on of adolescent, backwoods, idealistic, assiduous Bucky Calloway, his hunter father, Cam, and the hostile townfolk. When Cam breaks his leg in the forest, Bucky takes over the rather awesome responsibility of setting trap lines in 40° below weather, shooting deer and wild fowl to keep the family fed, and defending himself against panthers, wolverines, etc. In the interim, they plan to set up a government controlled goose sanctuary to counteract the senseless destruction of geese by city hunters...Concerned with simple people living simple lives, this nonetheless has interesting pulls and tensions and a certain amount of spiritual values.

Pub Date: Jan. 18th, 1949
Publisher: A. A. Wyn