A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO FIXING THE CAR by Paul & Arleen Weissler


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One thing you can say about this book: it certainly doesn't talk down to women on the assumption that they're mechanical idiots. In fact, with the aid of diagrams, the Weisslers completely dissect the auto's innards from crankshaft and carburetor to piston and choke and brake shoes, breaking everything down system by system, part by part, widget by gizmo. All this in chapter one -- after which we learn with considerable relief that they don't really expect you to actually service the damn thing yourself, only to be an informed customer so that those male chauvinists at the garage won't bill you $50.00 for changing the spark plugs. Mostly this will help you diagnose those strange burps, coughs, rattles and squeaks more quickly and accurately. Which will in turn lower your repair bills if you take it to the right kind of garage -- and here the Weisslers are very specific and helpful: avoid ""diagnostic centers""; avoid dealers unless you're under warranty since they charge up to 30% more; consider rebuilt rather than new components -- they're about 50% cheaper. With an extensive glossary this is clear, only mildly intimidating, and sure to make you more informed. Alternatively, buy a bicycle.

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 1973
Publisher: Walker