THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: A Study in Wesleyan Theology by

THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT: A Study in Wesleyan Theology

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A real contribution has been made to the current revival of interest in the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by this special study showing how his nature and work were fundamental to the thinking and action of John Wesley. Indeed, it was his sense of experiencing the Holy Spirit which gave Methodism's Founder much of his dynamic. Wesley's emphasis upon Christian Perfection, his concept of Assurance, the centrality of Holiness, and the source of Authority in his ministry were all related to the fact that for him the operation of the Holy Spirit was a personal encounter. The author has not written his volume for Methodists alone; his discussion is an approach for anyone to study the whole Doctrine of the Comforter. Some will regret that Wesley did not explore more fully the relationship of the Holy Spirit to the Visible Church. Others will sense that some of Wesley's insights are fundamental to the developing ecumenical movement. Whether we approach this book as theologians, ordinary Methodists, Christians concerned with Church unity, or just as believers groping for understanding of their own encounter with the Paraclete, we will not be disappointed, for the writer has not left us with an excursion into denominational history, but rather has set forth, with sympathy and understanding, the place and position of the Lord and Giver of Life for us all.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1962
Publisher: Abingdon Press