THE SING OF EROS by Paul Bodin


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An indulgent and wanton examination of a situation between a man, his wife, and his mistress which is notable largely for its extensive, gymnastic sexual activity and the emotional variability of those involved. Etienne, after 12 years of marriage to submissive, possessive Catherine, becomes increasingly mired in his affair with Odile who is younger, a little common, but a fleshy piece. Catherine, after the failure of a talk with Odile, leaves Paris for their country home, and the affair accelerates and degenerates as Etienne becomes querulous over Odile's past and more fluid future. He rejoins Catherine in the country, and Odile follows soon after and they set up a cosy menage a trois- and the rapport takes on a new significance when Catherine and Etienne share Odile between them. But Odile becomes pregnant and Etienne follows her to Paris; Catherine, realizing she cannot live without them, attempts a suicide; and finally accepts the inconclusive situation of sharing their lives....Dishevelled, many will also find this distasteful, and a soft cover publication is the only marketable assurance.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1953
Publisher: Putnam