THE DAM BUSTERS by Paul Brickhill


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The operations of Squadron 617 fill in another detail of World War II and the history of military air techniques. From Barnes Wallis, who, from the beginning of the war, dreamed of an ""earthquake bomb"" and concentrated on blowing up enemy dams, to the various Wing Commanders who worked with him, ""Talking Bomb"" and many another expert, to the pilots, it was close team work all the way through. The long road before Wallis' experiments were accepted, the training, at night, in low level flying and accurace in target practice, the tightening days that led to the first raid against the Moehne Dam in Germany -- and its results, all paved the way for further improvements for missions to come, to blow up U Boat pens, tunnels, bridges, the secret weapon sites and finally the Tirpitz. Brickhill follows the men and the machines in concentrated detail, is open in his admiration for their exploits and gives the reader a vivid sense of the effectiveness of this small group. For that air minded audience.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1955
Publisher: Ballantine