REACH FOR THE SKY by Paul Brickhill
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A ""gut"" book in which intestinal fortitude is the answer to a life without legs. Douglas Bader lost both of his in an airplane crash, nearly died in the operations following it, determined he would walk on his artificial legs without a cane -- and did -- and managed to return to the British Air Force. When the Air Ministry ""retired"" him, he made the best of civilian life but when World War II broke, Bader was back in a flash and quickly built himself a reputation which eventually carned him his own squadron. Flying, fighting, his example was an inspiration to all the men, his score of Me's mounted and when he was taken prisoner, his spare leg was flown over to him. He managed one escape, and with the war's end has continued his career in the clouds.....It's quite a story and it never forgets the amazing and sensitive support given by his wife, Thelma, whose understanding complemented his courage and determination. Something.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1954
ISBN: 0899669107
Publisher: Norton