THE LONELY by Paul Callico


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A sentimental transoceanic gesture for young American airmen and the pull between their expected futures and what the war offered them. This is Lt. Jerry Wright, 23, exemplary product of an upper class Long Island upbringing, who takes Patches, a WAAF of the stiffest upper lip, with him on a two weeks furlough in Scotland. Finding in her all the answers to his young gropings, he is torn by his loyalty to his fiancee, Catherine who has been his companion since childhood. He seizes the unexpected chance to fly home for a few hours and is almost swerved from Patches by his parents' too facile understanding and unquestioning belief he will keep to his code. But back in England his love for Patches transcends their demands and he accepts in adult fashion the problems and heartaches his decision to marry her will bring. Gentle but not wholly sappy understanding for the handkerchief hour.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf