CORN GOLD FARM by Paul Corey


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Erosion, one of the nation's biggest problems- is the villain of this piece. The Blake family has moved to the outworn farm they inherited. Earl, a student interested in farming as a career, and in soil conservation as a step to better farming, persuades his father to try it out. With the stubborn farmer who hates government interference, and who has his eye on acquisition of the Blake buildings, this idea is a threat. But Earl and his father win through and convince the drought starved farmers around them that the new methods provide their only hope. Plenty of drama in snow storms, coon hunts, and a fair- and there's a boy-meets-girl slant too. Early teens and on up. Call to attention of your 4-H club groups, etc.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1948
Publisher: Morrow