AVON by Paul Darrow


A Terrible Aspect
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A novel based on the British TV series Blake's Seven--which, for those unacquainted, was a long-running, typically taut, well-written, well-acted, poorly produced show (cf. Dr. Who) about a group of democratic rebels who, in an advanced alien spaceship, zoom around the galaxy striking blows against the neofascist Federation. The sardonic, intellectual computer-whiz Avon, played by the author, turned out to be the show's most popular character. As regards the present volume, little need be said. Kerr Avon, the son of a renegade slain amid the snows of Earth by his evil half-brother Axel Reiss, and fostered by a spineless doctor somewhere among the moons of Saturn, will grow up to be betrayed by just about everyone; he will, however, wreak vengeance upon Axel before being captured and sent into exile aboard the same spaceship as the heroic rebel Blake (of course, they escape--and a series is born). Welcome to a galaxy-sized solar system where sentences and ideas consist of clichÇs strung together, characters usually seethe with suppressed fury, and natural laws like gravity are vague quantities to be ignored whenever inconvenient. Stick with the TV series, which is never as bad as this and often is quite watchable.

Pub Date: April 28th, 1989
ISBN: 8065-1112-5
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