PAUL BABY by Paul Dixon


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Paul Baby"" is the star of WLW Television, Cleveland, Ohio, and he has tape-recorded his life story for (presumably) the fans who just love to feel homey with Bonnie Lou, Colleen, Marian, John Murphy and Bruce and the musicians and can take the DJ patter pouring off the page. ""Whew"" and ""Mercy!"" the apple-pie boy had an Iowa childhood; reminisces extensively about his old radio favorites; tells about how he joined the ranks of the record rollers and went on to his current fame and glory. He answers such typical questions as how he does commercials, ""remotes"" and spends his time on a typical day (the wife and daughter referred to of course). Many a huzzah to his crew (and sponsor) and many a weary anecdote later he signs off. For the $46,000 women who have comprised his studio audience thus far and feel they may have missed something.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1968
Publisher: World