FAITH AND ETHICS: The Theology of  Richard Niebuhr by Paul- Ed. Ramsey

FAITH AND ETHICS: The Theology of Richard Niebuhr

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Professor H. Richard Niebuhr is one of the outstanding religious philosophers of our day and his teaching and writing has had great influence on contemporary Protestant thinking. This book is a symposium of seven other teachers of philosophy and religion to set forth and evaluate the heart of Dr. Niebuhr's work. Except for the trained theologian the book is difficult reading, but it is a most important book for those who seek to understand the relation and interaction of modern religious thinkers upon each other. Librarian will want copies, as will scholars in this field. The contributors are Gustafson, Paul Ramsey, George Schrader, Waldo Beach, Julian Hartt, Carl and Robert S. Michaelson, Dr. Niebuhr has taught at the Yale University Divinity School since 1931.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1957
Publisher: Harper