THE SHEPHERD'S CROOK by Paul Frischauer


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A well-written story of intrigue, madness, martyrdom and violent love, in the France of Louis XIV during the Church's War against The Huguenots. The principals are Isabeau, a spirited and beautiful orphan who was born but not raised a Huguenot; her fiance, Hercule; his mad sister Denise; and Denise's husband, Guy, a tax collector for the King. When Isabeau is informed of her heritage by a spiritual leader of the Huguenots, she breaks her engagement to Hercule, whom she had never loved and leaves Versailles to become the companion of Denise. She becomes more ane more deeply drawn to the Huguenot movement, and falls more and more in love with Guy, who returns her affection. Isabeau's dealings with the Huguenots land her in prison, and it is Guy who helps her to escape and sacrifices his citizenship to marry her...The characters are intelligently and interestingly conceived and the story escapes the routine historical romance to tell a tale of dangerous times and their effect on those involved.

Publisher: Scribner