THE LONELY by Paul Gallico


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Warning- for most readers at this age level, the moral involved and its satisfactory conclusion would be no deterrent, but for some parents and many librarians, the story should be noted before recommendation... Lieutenant Jerry Wright, 23, product of an upper class Long Island upbringing, takes Patches, a WAAF, with him on a furlough in Scotland. Finding in her the answer to his emotional gropings, he is torn by his loyalty to his fiances, childhood sweetheart back home. A flying trip home shakes his confidence again, and his code almost wins out over his love for Patches. But back in England he faces his problems in adult fashion, and decides to marry her. Sentimental- yes- but there's dearth of romance that offers problems, and this for some will hold the answer.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf