HANGMAN by Paul Geddes
Kirkus Star


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Third in the Venniker series, following The Ottawa Allegation and The High Game. Venniker has now retired to a small farm in Mersac, France, after a long career with Scotland Yard, but for the past five years has not been a very successful farmer. He has also put up a young junkie for two of those years, helped her get straight, and fallen in and out of love with her--or at least his virility is fading. Into this idyllic setting comes his old Chief Inspector from the Yard, who induces him to work undercover in busting a weird ring of drug-running terrorists. And terrorists they are: on his first job for them he's involved in a lethal bomb blast in Brussels. Soon he's being seduced by the foremost gang member, Francoise, who is actually the leftist daughter of a high British politician. It's her idea that the Empire's ready to collapse and that the Establishment needs to be wasted now and given back to The People by HANGMAN, her bombing ring. Geddes writes with great care and craft and every page is wafty with feelings and fine-but-not-too-fine writing. Venniker cares about these people he spies on and, in suffering for them, grows on you. A detective with heart!

Pub Date: Nov. 14th, 1977
Publisher: St. Martin's