THOMISM: An Introduction by Paul Grenet
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THOMISM: An Introduction

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This excellent little work is a general introduction to the thought of Aquinas in those areas of philosophy generally known as ""speculative"" (i.e., philosophy of nature, metaphysics). Although the book does not boast the depth of treatment that has made Gilson's Christian Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas a classic in this field, neither does it dissipate the reader's energies in needless ramifications and tangential considerations as is so often the case in an area as abstruse as Thomistic metaphysics particularly. A knowledge of Thomistic speculative philosophy is indispensable of course, to an understanding both of Aquinas' practical philosophy and of the speculative and practical thought of philosophers well into the modern period. Thomism may be highly recommended for that purpose to students, teachers, and to the general reader with an interest in philosophy. It presupposes only a rudimentary familiarity with Aristotelian logic and a certain capacity for abstract thought on the part of that audience.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row