CLASSROOMS THAT WORK: Behavior Analysis in the Schools by Paul & Harry Rosenberg Graubard

CLASSROOMS THAT WORK: Behavior Analysis in the Schools

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Orthodox behaviorists, the authors disarm critics at the start by showing how exceptional children -- primarily those labeled emotionally disturbed -- have been taught to use behavior modification (called here a ""technology"") as a tool, to change teachers' and ""normal"" children's behavior toward them. (The program could of course be seen just as easily as a sneaky way of changing the children's own behavior -- but, in either case, everyone is happier in the end.) Another crafty anecdote reports the success of experimenters in bringing a capable and effective teacher, expert in the use of token-economy systems and positive reinforcement, to tolerate a higher noise level and freer classroom activity. This is not a handbook but a generally persuasive defense and demonstration -- with some afterthoughts on the relevance of a behavioral approach to learning stations, team and cooperative teaching, voucher plans and other current educational practices. For special education collections.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1974
Publisher: Dutton