JEFF by Paul Hughes


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Another homestyled narrative of a Little Britches has the warmth and reminiscent recognition value of a youngster's experiences and is a plain recital of the sore and high spots in a nine year old's year. Jeff Nelson, the son of a high school teacher in a small Southwestern town, has his share of griefs and grievances which include moving the lawn and raking the yard; he falls in a barrel of cement and falls asleep on his feet in the fourth grade classroom; he hits it up on Halloween but is subdued at Christmas when he does not get a bicycle; his best friend moves away- and the admiration of a girl is difficult to disengage; but, on the other hand, he earns some money towards a bike, learns to fight with his fists and evens out the relationship with Johnny Stone, and finds that most of his troubles which are just kneepants high are equalized by time and an understanding family. Publisher enthusiasm and support may carry this to a wider audience than others, since the original, have had.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 1953
Publisher: John Day