THE HOUSE DIVIDES by Paul I. Wellman
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Paul Wellman approaches history with great enthusiasm and his cavalcade of ""The Age of Jackson, and Lincoln, From the War of 1812 to the Civil War"" has the stirring drama of a good historical novel. He ignores minor trivia, stresses key events and personalities. There are fascinatingly detailed portraits of such figures as the choleric Jackson, the treacherous Santa Ana, the moody Lincoln. And there are firm action accounts of the Battle of New Orleans, the Alamo and the Mexican-American War. Historians may well quibble since the book is definitely a popularization but Wellman seems to have presented his material accurately as well as accessibly with the general reader in mind. The book is a good addition to the Mainstreams of America series which has had Dos Passos, Catton, Forester and Irving Stone as contributors.

Publisher: Doubleday