FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS by Paul Jordan-Smith


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Here's a book, that, placed in the right hands, might prove a gold mine for the bookseller who is clever at stimulating interest in carrying on a hobby. For Paul Jordan-Smith makes one feel that the book collecting game is a game for any one with discrimination and a profound love of books. And he starts one off on the right foot, with concrete ideas and then goes on to the inspirational side of the problem. His section on American authors is more practical than the part dealing with English authors, where he goes into fields that seem a bit remote. Even at that, he comes closer to the interests of the average reader than Edward Newton does, for he senses the value in collecting firsts on comparatively modern authors. And he emphasizes repeatedly the importance -- from his angle -- of collecting books one cares for individually, rather than building ""sets"" which are never read.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1934
Publisher: Oxford University Press