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Companion volume to Vocations for Girls and planned to cover -- in the same general way, the scope of careers high school boys should consider. Not intended as an exhaustive study of any of them, but should serve to pull out of ruts those who can think of only ""doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief"". Sub-heads under which occupations fall are the following:- WANTED -- SKILLED CRAFTSMEN (of special timeliness since it includes automotive and aviation trades); BEST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES (such fields as engineering, advertising, office work, etc.); FOR THE ELECT ONLY (the arts and professions); RISKY BUT REWARDING (finance, real estate, salesmanship, etc.); ON DRESS PARADE (service); LADIES FIRST -- BUT MEN TOO (teaching, librarianship, etc.); WHEN HOBBIES GROW UP (Photography, handicrafts, radio, sports, etc.); OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE HANDICAPPED and THE LOOK AHEAD (which discusses how to prepare yourself, how to analyze your interests, how to go about getting a job). The text is inevitably superficial, but at least should stimulate interest, broaden horizons, and lead to follow through along lines indicated by excellent reading lists. In general, each vocation is treated by definition of meaning and scope, necessary education and preparation, possible futures, and probable earnings. Less anecdotal or human interest material than I remember in previous book.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1942
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace