HANNAH by Paul-Loup Sulitzer


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The author of Money, Fortune, and The Green King gives a cosmetic treatment to the life of the late super-beautician Helena Rubenstein. Since this is a dewy-soft novel drenched in emollients rather than a harshly lit biography, author Sulitzer has named his adorable, shrewd, driven, lusty heroine Hannah rather than Helena. Hannah, as an adorable, shrewd, driven, lusty seven-year-old living in a shtetl in Poland, falls in love for life with Taddeuz--a beautiful, gutless, dreamy, intellectual 11-year-old goy from Warsaw who spends his summers in the country. Their sweet romance is interrupted when Hannah's village falls victim to a pogrom and Taddeuz behaves rather cravenly. Hannah then allies herself in a lifelong but unconsummated relationship with Mendel Visoker--a lusty, intellectual peddler whose inability to resist coming to the rescue of the future supreme cosmetologist eventually lands him in Siberia. When she is 15, Hannah ditches the shtetl for Warsaw and begins a lifetime of spectacular capitalist success. After a promising but false start in the veg, dairy, and fashion business, little Hannah sails off to Australia, where she builds a chain of beauty salons based on an all-natural beauty cream like her mother used to make for the ladies in the shtetl. Money pours in, the beautiful empire grows, but Hannah pines always for Taddeuz, who is somewhere back in Europe--where the adorable mogulette heads, hoping to find her dream lover and expand her chain of salons worldwide and maybe pick up a fortune in impressionist paintings. Rich. Luxurious. Creamy smooth and wrinkle-free. No harsh laugh lines.

ISBN: 671-64923-X
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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