THE LINCOLN READER by Paul M.- Ed. Angle
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This is a creative job of editing, for the editor has himself- in his selection, arrangement, balance, and annotations, brought into focus the extracts he has taken from the great mass of books written about Lincoln. He has used Sandburg liberally, Herndon, Nicolay and Hay, Gideon Welles (to give the view of contemporaries), Barton, Beveridge, Ida Tarbell, Lord Charnwood, James G. Randall, Benjamin P. Thomas, and many others- sixty-five in all, for a total of 179 selections. With skilfully interwoven transitions, brief comments, occasional longer passages, he has made the flow of text read like a continuous narrative, except as the personal pronouns change. In subjects open to conjecture, Angle has taken a cautious stand, a judicious stand. The whole is carefully indexed, with a reference chart supplying the credits so as not to interrupt -- any more than necessary- the smoothness of reading. Bibliography. Book of the Month.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1947
ISBN: 0306803984
Publisher: Rutgers Univ. Press