RING THE NIGHT BELL by Paul Magnuson


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A lively, combative autobiography of a doctor follows its author from his Minnesota youth and early concern with medicine through his active years of school and internship in Chicago, his long courtship of ""Alice"" and his energetic efforts to provide a home for her. The stockyards were the answer where railroads were whipped in line to Dr. Magnuson's way of doing things-as was the Army in World War I when he bypassed ""channels"" to Get Things Done for the homecoming wounded. Back to his great interest -- the curative possibilities-or surgery-for bone and joint disorders --and further battles to be fought in hospital and teaching areas; the challenging cases he encountered along with the personalities that crossed him in his efforts to get the best for his patients; his newsmaking activities in World War II in the Veterans Administration when he insisted on taking the medical out of Civil Service red tape; his recent project of a rehabilitation center --this and more make up a full professional life for a tough fibered Swede. For those who follow every phase of the medical profession this will prove a booster shot while members of public health and VA will find much material in their special areas. The exuberance of it throughout should appeal to everyone.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1959
Publisher: Little, Brown