THE ADVENTURES OF MR. GILFUMP by Paul Mason; Illus. John E. Johnson Howard


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The inspiration for Mr. Gilfump might be traced to the legends of both Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed. He is huge and powerful and his job is to wander the northern woods planting Christmas trees. He never notices, but his forest companions are dwarfs who always wait until he is asleep to do him small and large favors. When he awakens to find his laundry done, or a dish of honey waiting or his sore tooth pulled, his reaction is always the same -- ""Well, I'll be hornswoggled, I wonder who...?"" His adventures are told in 6 episodes, but after the third, the giant's predictable reaction and total lack of curiosity has lost its light power to charm. Well, we'll be hornswoggled, but we wonder if the full color, rather pleasant illustrations will save the book, which ends with the scoreess lyric of The Mr. Gilfump Song.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1964
Publisher: Follett