THERE'S FREEDOM FOR THE BRAVE: An Approach to World Order by Paul McGuire

THERE'S FREEDOM FOR THE BRAVE: An Approach to World Order

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This book might be defined as a blueprint for putting the theory behind Du Nouy's Human Destiny into operation. Where Du Nouy keeps his argument for a return to moral principles on a philosophic basic, McGuire shows- in survey of world history-where moral responsibility was abandoned in favor of statism, nationalism, self interest- and charts the road out. He explores the American Idea as a ""community of conscious purpose moving towards ends foreseen"", and shows how this goal has been lost, moral discipline abandoned, and a vacuum created into which constraint by force could readily move. Where the first part of the book develops the essential theme of the decline of liberty and order, and the necessity of reestablishing a moral law, the balance of the text illustrates the march of totalitarianism, destroying even those goods of the old authoritarianism, substituting economic autarchy, turning away from world community. As indicated by his earlier Experiment in World Order, McGuire believes the reversal of the process can be achieved through expansion of the commonwealth idea, a federal pattern of a Commonwealth of Commonwealths, with local autonomy preserving variety in unity, but sacrifice of sovereignty at the level of common interests. He explores in this second half, historically and contemporaneously, Britain, France (key to Europe), Russia, the United States. He shows the mounting strength of the new Christian groups, the youth groups, the failure of liberalism. In conclusion he again stresses the necessity for survival of reversing the trends towards decline of liberty and order -- and reforming on a firm moral foundation. Persuasive, inspiring, challenging reading, which needs individual enthusiasm, plus the promised publisher backing, to reach the market it deserves.

Publisher: Morrow