WESTWARD THE COURSE! The New World of Oceania by Paul McGuire

WESTWARD THE COURSE! The New World of Oceania

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Definitely not a war book; nor yet a straight travel book; instead sell it to your customers as a background book on those seemingly remote islands around which history is being made today, -- Hawaii, the Fijis, Australia, New Zealand, the Dutch East Indies, the Islands of the Sun, etc. etc. comprehensively and colorfully treated. McGuire saw much, studied deeply, and has shared his findings of the history, colonization, peoples, industry and agriculture, governmental development, customs and legends, politics, and social pattern of each place visited. Through it all, runs the thread of Empire, material and spiritual dominion, the influence of the various civilizing and controlling foreign forces, and their contributions -- and their costs. A full and observant record, which supplements the numerous reports of more familiar territory in the Pacific and gives a sense of familiarity which the news today lacks for many of us. Some will miss the note of prophecy evident in similar books; some will want more of the place in today's pattern. Give clearly defined picture of what the author sets out to do -- and promise that he has achieved that end. Publisher backing substantially.

Publisher: Morrow