HOW BRAVE WE LIVE by Paul Monash


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In harsh lines and broad language, this is a half serious, half satirio portrayal of the ""generation that doesn't have the courage to get lost"" -- the intellectuals of Greenwich Village, profane, parasitic, insolvent, the insecurity of their future, the tenuousness of their present, the transience of their loves. Following the wake left by Breedon Rawley, 23, a virgin and a stutterer, who gets a Hollywood contract after a book club selection of his novels makes him a success, this continues the lives of those on which his book was based. Kittredge, once their leader, ends in a Parisian insane sylum; Amy, once his mistress, and a tosspot, cannot be separated from the bottle; Aaron Ross, a painter, and bitter about being a Jew, is jailed after an unfortunate racial incident; and Lois Wilson, part white, part Negro, over whom the incident arose, runs off to Haiti on the money raised by Aaron's sympathizers... The gross, ungainly, even grotesque in these lives- none of which have an attractive attribute- give this a caricatural focus in spite of the occasional, interlinear sympathy.

Publisher: Scribner