SUPER JOY: In Love with Living by Paul Pearsall

SUPER JOY: In Love with Living

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How to break the stress/depression cycle that supposedly accompanies ""addiction"" to normalcy by learning to live joyously and spontaneously ""with an intense awareness of the human experience."" Pearsall (Super Immunity) contends that our ""stimulationprone"" brains must be taught to eschew short-term ""survival"" strategies and to immerse themselves in the wonders of day-to-day living. In this stage of ""super joy"" one lives with life's flow, says Pearsall, avoiding short-term distractions and outer-directed behavior (overemphasis on careers, status, ""perfect"" family life, etc.). In the process, the brain's psychochemicals are stimulated to provide a natural, depression-resistant ""high."" When one is off the stress/depression cycle, the immune system is strengthened and overall health improved. Although Pearsall peppers his pages with quizzes to help readers pinpoint whether one has an ""Ahab complex"" (an obsession), a capacity for ""joyful thinking,"" etc., he's fuzzy on how one can attain ""super joy."" His program seems to devolve into observing one's mental processes--which, he says, will ""embarrass"" the brain into less mundane considerations--developing a capacity for ""sympathetic love,"" working at fulfilling jobs, and drawing spiritual strength from religion or a belief in something outside of oneself. A barrel of uplift laced with a dram of science (or pseudoscience?) and hence a possible candidate for the market carved out by Pied Piper-of-joy Leo Buscaglia.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1988
Publisher: Doubleday