THE SPANIARD by Paul Pettit


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A vehement adventure takes some giant steps from Spain- to England, and follows Ramon in his long revenge against the four German students, brothers, who attack and rape his sister, Pilar. Two of the four he tracks to the mountains- where he kills them, and the Civil War interferes with the further prosecution of his plan. It also brings his escape into exile, and finally to England- and to Ann- whose image has sustained him so far. He catches up with the two survivors at a pro-Franco meeting, the chase is on, and he kills one of his pursuants. War again postpones the accomplishment of his revenge- he serves overseas- and returns to Dartmoor to find that his last enemy is now a prisoner of war, and his sister's death is finally avenged after a bloodcurdling romp across the moor.... A Buchanesque tale in which expletives flourish- along with the fullblown prose- this is a prodigal entertainment.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1954
Publisher: Harper