DOG DILLAHAY by Paul S. Powers


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Arizona and cactus country doctoring before the turn of the century as a backdrop for the hard-earned experiences of John Dillahay who, when his younger, wilder, brother Billy comes near losing a leg in the corral, decides to become a doctor. It is under the tutelage of local Dr. Ledinger that John gets his first and often raw indoctrination in the profession that he will practice. Returning from the east (Chicago) with his degree, John finds that his girl has married his brother, that his father will soon die and that he cannot save him. But John proves that he is capable in incidents which require personal courage as well as professional skill, closes down on local prostitution which has brought social disease to the town, shoots his way out of trouble, and gets himself a new girl...Homespun, human qualities give this its likability, rather than any particular distinction.

Publisher: Macmillan