THE WORD GOD SENT by Paul Scherer


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This volume by the professor of homiletics emeritus of Union Theological Seminary consists of materials expanded from lectures delivered in class, in various conferences, and in part as the Earl Lectures at the Pacific School of Religion, and also of sermons preached by the author. The first part is written from a point of view presented in two affirmations: first, that the Word of God does not need to be made ""relevant,"" but only allowed to address what is most deeply characteristic of human existence; and second, that there never has been and never will be any adequate substitute for preaching. The scope of the first part is suggested by the chapter headings: A Great Gulf Fixed; The Nature of Revelation; The Credibility and Relevance of the Gospel; and Preaching As A Radical Transaction. The titles of the sermons constituting part two are more varied and poetic. The writing displays the author's characteristic vigor and sharpness of style, and his facility in the abundant use of illustration and citation--although the dating of the latter gives at times a certain datedness to the matter included. The book offers a thorough-going statement of homiletical foundation by one of the great practitioners of the generation now passing. Whether the author's two affirmations will serve for the future may be less assured. Mainly for clergy.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1965
Publisher: Harper & Row