CALL ME CAPTAIN by Paul Stanton


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Dick Saracen, ex-Wing Commander in the RAF, joins Atlantic Airways cockily expecting to be made a First Officer in jig time. He meets with a double disappointment, for his superiors informs him coldly that there is a long list of pilots on the waiting list ahead of him, and his fiancee, the beauteous Elizabeth, firmly refuses to marry him until he is sitting in the pilot's seat and drawing down a pilot's pay. It takes eleven years for Saracen to achieve the rank he hungers for, and by that time Elizabeth is married to another. During those eleven years Saracen pursues his goal with a ruthless disregard of his friends both male and female. The book is a comedy, and the author tries to make Saracen a lovable scamp. But he seems a pretty unpleasant fellow all through, and the several scrapes he gets into, aloft and on the ground, are not really dramatic or funny enough to lift this book into the air, even though it is very very light stuff indeed.

Pub Date: March 30th, 1960
Publisher: Morrow-Mill