NUTRITION by Paul Thompson


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In this brief and sketchy introduction, Thompson makes an effort, sometimes too condescending an effort, to relate different topics to children's interests; but his explanations of key concepts are often cursory and incomplete. In matters of controversy, he simply lays clown the word--and the word as he sees it is closer to that of food-industry apologists than to modern nutritionists'. Thus he plays down the dangers from a high-fat diet; pushes milk excessively; recommends enriched foods repeatedly--without mentioning (except in a chart) the nutrients that aren't put back in the enrichment process; and, in a last short chapter on food controversies, simply pronounces in defense of food-processing, additives, existing safety standards, and, to a lesser extent, current pesticide levels. All these topics have received far more considered attention elsewhere.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Watts