GUILT AND GRACE by Paul Tournier
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To date, no more ""graceful"" book has been written about man's universal plight, the inescapable complex of guilt and anxiety in which he is so incapable of helping himself, and the persistent love of God always at hand to deliver him from his dilemma, and sanctify to him his deepest distress. Dr. Paul Tournier, a French psychotherapist, writes this friendly book not only about us, his readers, but also about himself. He is involved in the sin and guilt of mankind, and has access to the full body of science to help him in his healing work as a skilled physician of man's psyche (and body) to heal himself and his patients, but he knows that if the whole man is to be made well the Great Physician must be allowed to do His own perfect work. So he tells us of many ways in which the grace of God has done the healing work for which the doctor may only prepare the way. He is at home in the Bible and it is a joy to see the world of the Bible come alive as he shows how God's grace at work there can provide us with a sure guide to his saving work among us. Doctors, Theologians, and all the people will find Guilt and Grace speaking to their condition in so many ways that they will forget Dr. Tournier in favor of his Master, which is just what he would want.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1962
Publisher: Harper