A PLACE FOR YOU by Paul Tournier


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The widely known Swiss psychotherapist, and frequent visitor to this country, continues his series of popular accounts of psychotherapy as seen in its correlation with Christian assumptions. He takes as his theme the words of a young client, ""I am always looking for a place a somewhere to be."" The quest for a ""place"" is of primary importance to a person, particularly a ""Thou-place,"" as Buber might say--a place in the world of persons. Healing is the endeavor to give a place to those who have none. In the latter part of the volume, however, the author changes from the place symbol to a discussion of the ""two gospels""--that of abnegation and meekness, and that of self-assertion and self-fulfillment. One must have a place before he can leave it; he must have a self before he can sacrifice it. The development of the argument follows the characteristic style of earlier books by Dr. Tournier; a liberal use of case materials and of personal reflection and self-revelation; and with this, frequent cross-reference to Biblical themes and religious experiences. This book is more tightly organized than some of his earlier offerings. Easily readable, and of interest to, lay people.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row