, CRIME AND CHAOS by Paul Tusley


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This is a global report on juvenile delinquency, plumping for the picture in practice rather than the in theory; down with statistics and social psychologizing, up with the person to person approach we are responsible and specialists are not enough. Tonley is a and he likes to ask target-minded questions (Do We Really Like . Have The Experts; Failed, he comes up with some bull's-eye answers, some surprising, some shocking. But all are generally equipped with built-in solutions, or nearly all, for he is a realist and a former crapshooter. Besides, he knows some boys are just Anyway slums nor status discontent are responsible for teen age only Americans swallow this. Other countries have realized it is progress and boom living which have given the shookup generation the shakes; change is the catalyst, when controls collapse; tenants of Welfare State ghettos are nostalgic for the broken where everybody knew everybody else; education is the century's ""most expensive irrelevance"": sky high nothing much more. There are should even treatment; Geneva's parole hostel, Austria's Towns are steps in the right direction. In short without the middle class glow. It's full of and .

Publisher: Harper