THE HIDDEN WORLD: The Story of Microscopic Life by Paul Villiard

THE HIDDEN WORLD: The Story of Microscopic Life

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After directing readers' attention to some eye-opening microscopic enlargements of such familiar objects as a nylon stocking, salt and sugar crystals, and bread mold, Villiard shows them some strange new views of a louse, a flea, a horsefly's eye, etc., and explains what they'll find in cross sections of plant parts (here commercial slides are suggested as specimen sources unless you can slice the sections thin enough for transparency) and what kinds of creatures might turn up in a drop of water. The most systematic projects (but far from rigorously so) are an algae experiment to test for water pollution and another for air pollution. With some tips on equipment and slide preparation, it's a very non-directive guide for casual hobbyists--though the final chapter on photographing microscopic specimens is for the serious few.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1975
Page count: 90pp
Publisher: Four Winds