A FOURTH OF A NATION by Paul Woodring


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...that is, the enrollment of students in our schools and colleges and this examination of teaching is of direct importance to that body. His synthesis of an education ""consonant with the American philosophy"" is developed around the basic questions of teaching being an art or a science (the classic versus the progressive) and the answers to them. The profession of teaching is a little of each and an educational policy combining the merits of the conservative and radical outlooks will best serve the nation. He finds many areas in which proponents of both schools may find a common ""ore of agreement"", among them being the problems of; who shall be educated, the aims of education, individual student differences, limitations of the school's responsibility, educational planning and teacher training. This, like his Let's Talk Sense About Our Schools (1953) is no more denunciation of error on both sides; it is a reasoned, balanced, calm appraisal of the educational scene which offers a constructive program for the redirection of American thinking for the future.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill