STYLES IN PAINTING: A Comparative Study by Paul Zucker

STYLES IN PAINTING: A Comparative Study

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An informative and individual presentation of the great themes in art which ""combines the historical, aesthetic approaches through comparison of the various ways in which certain similar themes have been approached by artists of different periods"". With a preliminary discussion of style and the factors which shape it, Zucker has selected certain categories, the human body, group composition, portraiture, landscape, interiors, still lifes, and shown how a variety of painters have treated the same subject; i.e. The Three Graces, The Judgment of Paris, Christ at Emmaus, The Last Supper, Bathers, The Girl by the Window, etc. This affords an interesting contrast in styles and periods, the properties and principles involved, and the closing chapter gives a concentrated survey of a history of art. Of particular value to the student of art, some 349 halftones illustrate the text and each plate has an accompanying analysis.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1950
Publisher: Viking