SEX OBJECTS IN THE SKY by Paula & Christopher Chandler Kane


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The authors slap at the Coffee, Tea or Me mystique. It all started when the airlines began promoting their planes as flying Playboy clubs with quick-strip bunnies who giggled gratefully when their tails were tweaked and instructed stewardesses who met the requirements of age, marital status and physical appearance (not to mention sex) to fawn and preen for their most frequent customers -- lone businessmen. What of the training in medical and emergency procedures, the original function of stewardesses (formerly nurses)? Gone the way of all cottontails. Yet investigations (they're mentioned in the book) of certain air accidents have concluded that passengers could have been saved had proficient personnel been available -- not stashed in a bucket seat in the kitchen, perhaps the most vulnerable location in the plane. The airlines often disregard safety and health (oxygen deficiency, jet lag, radiation). The stewardess stereotype is spurious enough; the authors responsibly ask some reasonable questions which the airlines will be hard pressed to answer.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Follett