HOW TO WORK FOR A WOMAN BOSS: When You'd Really Rather Not by Paula R. Bern

HOW TO WORK FOR A WOMAN BOSS: When You'd Really Rather Not

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One that's right up there with the better books about women in the workplace. Bern starts off with the premise that while her readers probably would prefer to work for a man, there is definitely a female boss in their future (whether they are male or female). She also says that previous guidelines for working for a female are nonexistent, advice is confusing, and most people's experiences are limited. But because more and more women are entering managerial positions, it is essential that you learn how to overcome these limitations. In order for the woman manager to become a confident, effective boss, Bern writes, employees must provide the support and understanding she needs. They must be comfortable with the fact that they report to a woman; they must be realistic about her rather than expecting her to be superwoman. The woman manager, Bern notes, is most likely in a new situation herself and is patterning her behavior after the men who preceded her. The author uses abundant anecdotes from men and women--young and old--who currently work for women to illustrate her thesis. She also includes several questionnaires so readers can evaluate, for example, if their boss is too power-hungry or too intimidating. Overall, this should be very helpful in dealing with a new work-place variable.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Dodd, Mead