DISTURB NOT THE DREAM by Paula Trachtman


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A tidal dose of slopping horror, glittery-eyed incest, parapsychological smut, perversion, and assorted dismemberments--all handled with banal amateurishness. During the 1938 hurricane, Mulberry House in the Hamptons was the scene of a mass mutilation/murder: a mother, bedeviled into insanity by her piggish husband, killed all but her five-year-old daughter, who went insane. Furthermore, and not coincidentally, this same house was the site--from the 1880s up to the 1920s--of incest, threesome-sex with juveniles, rape, revenge, and such. So, when (in the present) rich Manhattan psychiatrist Bert Bradley moves into this house with selfish wife Alice and their three spoiled kids (a Lolita, a sex-mad lad, and a toddler), it comes as no surprise that there soon ensues a round-robin of incestuous forbidden pleasures. That old 1938 stormbound mass-murder is reenacted while, for added spice, Dr. Bradley rejuvenates himself via sex with the au pair girl in the attic. A severed head appears; ditto an insatiable succubus. And would you believe that Bradley's wife Alice turns out to be the daughter (supposedly dead) of the house's former lurid tenants, and that she ends up stabbed to death by her half-sister--a child of rape who is now a clubfooted nun? Disturb Not the Dream. . . and Read Not the Garbage.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1981
Publisher: Crown