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GOODNIGHT LULU by Paulette Bogan


by Paulette Bogan & illustrated by Paulette Bogan

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: May 1st, 2003
ISBN: 1-58234-803-0
Publisher: Bloomsbury

In huge, simple, Boynton-like barnyard scenes, a mother hen fiercely promises to drag off any bear, tiger, or alligator that might come into the barn where her little Lulu’s bedded down. Bogan adds a pair of piglets peering over the windowsill, who respond with comical dismay to each of Lulu’s “what if” questions, and step-by-step find themselves inching into the barn themselves. Lulu and her mama seem to be ignoring the interlopers, but when Lulu finally asks, “What if the pigs come in while I am sleeping?” Mama responds, “Then I would grab then and tickle them and squeeze them and kiss them all over their faces!” And she does, too, leaving all three little ones happily snuggled beneath a purple blanket. Good for sharing with any member of the Teddy-bear set suffering an attack of night anxieties, this is guaranteed to generate giggles, guffaws, and, at last, a drowsy “good night.” (Picture book. 3-6)