THE ICE BIRD: A Christmas Legend by Pauline Innis

THE ICE BIRD: A Christmas Legend

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The story is adapted from a Norwegian tale about this native bird. This particular Ice Bird was sort of an ugly swanling. He was blown away from home in a storm but found protection with the Royal Swans. When the swans received a summons to come to Bethlehem to sing at the creche, they had to abandon the frail, weak Ice Bird, but he secretly hid in the wings of one of them. When they reached Bethlehem, the swans, which are mute, were ashamed that they could not sing in honor of the occasion; but when they came into the presence of the Holy Family, the little Ice Bird sang for them. It's a gentle legend, quite apropos at the Christmas season.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1965
Publisher: McKay