FOOD FACTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Pauline & Percival White Arnold


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The title is an accurate clue to the contents--this compound of information and advice attends to the needs of young people instead of relegating them to supplementary chapters or arguing that all ages share the same dietary needs. In addition to the fundamentals of any hygiene or home ec course (nutrients, calories, food groups and components but not digestion) the authors acknowledge that adolescents have life-sized problems--female overweight, diet allowances for growth spurts, acne: the growing science of ephebiatrics. The problems of world supplies and demands--Malthus and the relationship of literacy, income level, custom and religious beliefs to birth rates--are ably introduced. On the American scene, these consultants for many food companies tend to boost national production and distribution practices without some necessary qualifications (e.g. B. Furness' findings on quantity buying). A sensible reliance on group averages instead of ""desirable"" heights and weights; helpful glossary, table of nutrients in common foods, bibliography.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1968
Publisher: Holiday House