THE WALKING COAT by Pauline Watson


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Scott's uncle's cast-off hooded coat is oversize on Scott, but the little boy wears it for warmth and finds it's also good for laughs. The comments he gets tell the story: ""Look! A walking coat!"" ""A coat that eats doughnuts. A. . . mazzz. . . ing.' ""It talks!"" ""Hey coati Look this way. I want your picture for The Evening Star."" ""Thank you, Coat. That was quick thinking."" (This from a policeman after Scott, in the park, has blocked the flight of a purse snatcher.) And finally, when Scott runs into his friend Ray and invites him into the coat for a walk home: ""Look at that! A walking, giggling, four-footed coati"" Cute, if you don't demand more from a book than a benign, pastel giggle or two.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1980
Publisher: Walker